Here’s how it works

The Process

Many times I have been presented with complicated design objectives for unusual or challenging spaces. These are the projects I welcome, and that test my creativity and problem solving skills. This is the point when the design process itself becomes the most critical element to ensuring a positive end result.

Initial Consultation

I believe in a collaborative partnership between designer and client.

An in-person consultation is a fundamental part of the process. It provides an opportunity to meet the homeowner, see the space first-hand, and listen closely to the goals and objectives for the project. It is also imperative that I understand what makes you feel most at home.

During this consultation we have the opportunity to better gauge that the personalities, experience and project itself are a combined good fit. The consultation allows us to form that partnership, and establish a clear vision for your project.

Scope of Work & Fees

The scope of work is an agreement between me and a client of work to be performed and who the participants are in the process. We identify the must have’s, deliverables and end goal. Part of the scope is to outline exactly what role I take in the design and project as a whole.

It is at this point when I like to fully inform potential clients of my interior design fees and how I work. My business model details how I bill, what to expect in estimated hours and a summary of services provided.

Design & Presentation

The design phase typically begins with a proper site measure and discussing your expectations, likes and dislikes. It is always best to have a full understanding of your life and style ahead of any design.

I can provide floor plan drawings and 3D images of your space. These images are valuable tools that help us to better recognize the potential of your space. The design presentation typically includes 2-3 plan options and recommendations for material selections.

During the presentation, together we determine the design direction, identify required plan revisions and discuss next steps.

Material & Finish Selections

I next collect samples of various materials and finishes to solidify the design. I use my experience and expertise to create a cohesive palette that meets your needs and preferences. I consider the selections based on what I’ve learned from the industry, past projects and brand confidence.

I tend to steer clear of trends and instead make selections based on longevity, classic beauty and practicality. I know what works and what doesn’t work, and can guide my client to making good decisions.

Sourcing & Logistics

My role is to identify the required design elements within your space and ensure that they arrive in sync with the project schedule. I have an established and reliable group of vendors that I like to call my team. I source goods, and services in some cases, from this core group of professionals.

I gladly support local businesses in my area as well as in and around the project home town.

Careful management of logistics overall is another critical element to the success of a project. There are many moving parts to renovation projects. It is a collective effort by the client, designer and other professionals on the job.

Project Management & Installation

In many cases, I both design and manage a project. Project management for me includes acting as a liaison between the client and all contracted labor. Great communication, adhering to the schedule, monitoring logistics and professionalism lead to success.

As a project nears completion, there are installations of materials and finishes that bring the project full circle. It is during this time that the design becomes reality. Installation is the final step in the process. That is when your goals and objectives discussed at the initial consultation are realized. I am thrilled when a client sees the potential achieved and lives happily in their new space.